14th Oct2011

Dennis Ritchie has Passed Away at 70

Dennis M. Ritchie (a.k.a. dmr) was found dead this Wednesday at his home in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. Ritchie was modest by nature, but current-day technology is...

24th Sep2011

Results from OPERA Neutrino experiment claim faster-than-light speeds

CERN has released a paper with experimental results suggesting that neutrinos may be moving slightly faster than the speed of light. The OPERA experiment, sent neutrinos from...

12th Sep2011

Faster Boot Times in Windows 8

The first in a series of Windows 8 “fundamentals” has been posted on the MSDN blog. This entry is concerned with improving the “cold-boot” speeds of machines...

07th Sep2011
3M and IBM to Develop New Types of Adhesives to Create

3M and IBM Plan to Develop Adhesives for 3D Semiconductors

3M and IBM announced their joint plan to develop new types of adhesives which can be used to create truly three-dimensional semiconductors. The adhesive would be applied...

29th Aug2011

LHC experiments still not supporting simple supersymmetry theory

Data from the Large Hadron Collider Beauty experiment  were presented during the recent Lepton Photon science meeting in Mumbai. The results failed to support the simple super-symmetry...

23rd Aug2011

3.4 Billion Year-Old Fossils Found in Australia

A joint team of researchers from the University of WA and Oxford claim to have discovered the world’s oldest fossil’s, preserved from 3.4 billion years ago.These microscopic...

21st Aug2011

The First Winners of the Dota 2 Championship

Valve Software’s new Defense Of The Ancients game made its international debut this week at GamesCom, in the German city of  Cologne. The stakes of the competition...

19th Aug2011

Engagement Session with a Twist

Juliana and Ben needed a photographer for their engagement session and who better to take the photos than their good friend, Amanda Ryan? Ben wanted to make...

18th Aug2011

Canadian ISPs to divulge Online Identites Without Warrants

Bill-C52 (“Investigating Criminal Electronic Communications Act”) was recently introduced to the Canadian parliament. This piece of legislation is the amalgamation of several previous bills, and is getting...

16th Aug2011

Fast Banded Rows for Google Spreadsheets

I couldn’t find any other scripts for formatting a Google spreadsheet with banded rows, so here’s some quick code I wrote that gets the job done. Hopefully,...