18th Aug2011

Canadian ISPs to divulge Online Identites Without Warrants

by Skibs

Bill-C52 (“Investigating Criminal Electronic Communications Act”) was recently introduced to the Canadian parliament. This piece of legislation is the amalgamation of several previous bills, and is getting attention from Canada’s privacy advocates.

This bill would require any canadian ISP to provide law enforcement with “any information in the service provider’s possession or control respecting the name, address, telephone number, and electronic mail address of any subscriber to any of the service provider’s telecommunications services and the Internet protocol address, mobile identification number, electronic serial number, local service provider identifier, international mobile equipment identity number, international mobile subscriber identity number and subscriber identity module card [SIM card] number that are associated with the subscriber’s service and equipment.”

ISPs would be required to deliver this information to specially assigned members of a law-enforcement agency, without a warrant- up to 5% of that agency’s total employees.

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